Illegal Email Sign-in Attempts

Over the past 3-4 days, I have received warnings from Google twice that some one has been trying to sign into one of my email accounts on Gmail through an ‘unfamiliar’ device. When I clicked on the appropriate link to convey that it was not me, as it really was not me, they replied saying that they have blocked the sign-in attempt, both times.

There have not been any subsequent attempts made.

Now, the point to note here is that whoever was trying to sign into my Gmail account had the correct user id. and password. Here the reader may point out that I should then, perhaps, immediately update my password. However, I don’t think I have to, really.

As I have mentioned in earlier blog posts, all my passwords (including my internet banking passwords) are ‘panchayati’ (commonly known). Unbelievable as it may seem to you, I believe ‘They‘ read my passwords straight out of my thought process. That is why I kept my email accounts and, indeed, all my online activity shut for around two years (as I have also written earlier). However, then I decided to take them head on and restarted online activity using simple and easy to remember ‘panchayati’ passwords.

I turned on notifications for unfamiliar email activities, hoping to record any misadventure they might embark on, as it indeed did get recorded over the past few days. I suppose the IP addresses of those indulging in such illegal activities may be procurable through suitable legal injunction, if and when required, from Google, but the time for that has not come yet.

For the moment, I have backed up the contents of the Gmail account in question, just in case ‘they’ make another and, possibly, successful attempt, perhaps to delete the emails I had written earlier to the police and judiciary to complain against them.

If they try to write to law enforcement or judicial officials on my ‘behalf’ to withdraw any of the complaints or to exonerate themselves in an ongoing case, it might be a different story, however.

Till now, Google has foiled their attempts, if those indeed were made by them (I, for one, need no convincing on that account!), twice . As for the future, let’s see!

Que sera sera.


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