Feature-phone fun

I hear a mobile phone ring and look around to see whose phone it is, only to find out that it’s my phone that’s ringing. How come the unfamiliar ring-tone then? I decide to check that out later and go ahead and take the call. It’s an old classmate and friend who is calling. I figure I might not have set the same ring-tone for both the SIM cards on my phone and ignore the incident.

Later that day, the phone rings again with the same odd ring tone, while I am at the cafeteria on the floor above the office. Again, I take the call, despite the unfamiliar ring tone. Afterwards, I decide to look through the mobile handset’s settings. Strangely enough, the phone shows that the audio file I had chosen (from one of the default ring-tones on my phone) as my ring-tone, no longer exists. And that’s the case for both of the SIM cards (I had apparently chosen the same ring-tone for both.).

As I sit wondering how the ring-tone could have got deleted without me doing anything about it, a voice pipes up, in half jest, from the cafeteria counter:

“dekh rahaa hai!” (He’s finding out now!)

Call karega!” (He’ll call (family or friends now, to inform them about what happened) now!)

I raise my eyes from the phone screen to see that the speaker is a bearded, bespectacled dark-complexioned man of medium height and is there to have a snack with two companions.

They leave as I pay for my plate of fruit and I follow them outside. They hesitate and stop at the atrium rails, probably to let me leave and, therefore, not find out which office in the building they work at. None of them is wearing his official identity card.

After a few minutes, a friend of theirs arrives and shakes hands with them. He is wearing an identity card showing that he and I work for the same employer. Clearly, they do as well, as the shirt of one of them rides up a little, revealing a similar identity card clipped to his belt. So, I decide to leave. A minute or two later, I run into them again at the main entrance, thus confirming that they have their work stations on the same floor as I do.

Meanwhile, after that incident, the phone handset has also started dropping a lot of calls, while showing that the SIM card is no longer being detected by it. A quick restart usually leads to the SIM card being detected again. Often, this happens several times within the space of a few seconds and during the same phone call, thus interrupting it over and over again.

A friend once said to me that feature phones can not really be hacked, but I am convinced otherwise now.

As I had written earlier, my smartphone had also been hacked earlier and is completely useless at the moment.


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